Venesection Procedure

Venesection is a simple procedure in which our Practice Nurse, Aisling or Erica, removes blood from you, via a vein in your arm. Venesection is usually a regular treatment performed at varying intervals, depending on your blood results and diagnosis. It is most likely that you have been recommended venesection for one or two reasons:


This is when your blood has a raised Red Cell Count which results in a thickening of your blood. In this case, venesection is necessary to remove blood on a regular basis to maintain a normal concentration of red cells.


This is when your body absorbs too much iron from your diet, which is then deposited in various organs around the body, i.e. the liver and heart. Too much iron can cause problems or damage to these organs. Every pint of blood taken during venesection contains ¼ of a gram of iron.

If you have private healthcare with VHI, LAYA, Irish Life this procedure would be covered. This procedure is covered by the Medical Card Scheme, or if you do not have private health care, there is a charge for this procedure.

If you require this procedure, please let the reception staff know, so that we can allocate enough time for this to be performed.

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