Paternity testing – DNA

In conjunction with Ireland’s leading DNA testing service – Ormonde Quay Paternity Services – we have started to carry out in-house paternity testing.

Paternity testing works by comparing the DNA of a child with that of the alleged father and the mother.  The accuracy level of this test is far in excess of 99.999%.

We can offer 2 types of paternity testing and would encourage you to be sure which type you require before booking.

A Peace of Mind DNA test is recommended for clients who simply want to clarify their child’s paternity

Legal (Court-Admissable) DNA test

A Legal DNA Test is used for clients who require a DNA test for official matters such as may be involved in a court case or similar.


Please phone reception and book an appointment. Generally, we will not be able to accommodate a request for testing at short notice as we must prioritise the regular healthcare appointments of our patients. However, if you can give us 3 – 4 days notice we should be able to get you an appointment at any time that suits you.

Please let Marie or Rachel know that you are booking for Paternity Testing as we will need to book you in for an extended consultation.

Please advise us of the number of people to be tested. i.e. 2 adults & 1 child etc..

We will require photographic identification for all parties testing.  (Passport or Driving Licence). If a child to be tested does not hold a passport we require a copy of their full birth certificate.

We can obtain the test kit for you or you can order your kit directly from Ormonde Quay Paternity Services. The cost is the same either way.

We return the test kit to OQPS for you.


Peace of Mind

Total:                                                   €425 (2 adults and 1 child)

Extra person + €100

Legal (Court Admissable)

Total:                                                   €819 (2 adults and 1 child)

Extra Person +€100

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