Breath Test (H. Pylori) – Bacterial Overgrowth in your stomach

Common symptoms of bacterial overgrowth include bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation (or both), heartburn and nausea. It is also associated with food sensitivities, headache, anaemia, joint pain, and respiratory, skin, brain and mood symptoms.

The Breath Test is a simple breath test, done at the surgery. Following a 12 hour fast and an initial breath sample, a drink containing lactulose is taken. A second  breath sample is taken after 10 minutes to check the hydrogen & methane levels. The samples are sent to the lab and we usually have a result with 5-10 working days.

Once the results are back at the surgery your Doctor can discuss your clinical options.

This test will incur an additional cost. Please contact reception re charges.

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