Ovarian Reserve (AMH) Test: Cost for AMH only and Visit  €165.00

As fertility drops with age it can be useful to get an insight into your remaining number of fertile years. This is also referred to as your Ovarian Reserve and is typically investigated by means of the AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)  blood test.

This is a simple blood test which can be done at any time in your cycle (*see below) to check your levels of AMH.

The test gives information about the volume of eggs remaining in your ovaries and can be helpful when predicting future fertility. This information can also be useful pre-IVF.

The results of the test should not be taken in isolation as the only indicator of fertility as there are many factors involved. As part of the testing process you will have a detailed consultation with our GP to ensure the test and implications of the results are understood.

  • * if you attend on day 3 of your period you can also have a FSH test giving some extra information re fertility status
  • * if you have  Polycystic ovaries, the test results may be falsely elevated

Our AMH blood tests are sent to a private lab and the turnaround time for results is usually 5 working days.