Meningitis B Vaccine

Cost per dose €150.00, (2 doses required)

We are now offering the Men B vaccine (Bexsero) at Carrig Medical Centre. It helps protect against the leading cause of bacterial and septicaemia meningitis. Meningitis can strike in an instance, but its impact can last a lifetime. Ireland has the highest incidence of meningococcal disease in Europe and with men B accounting for the majority of these cases.

This vaccine is included through the routine immunisation program since the 1st of October 2016. Any child born before the 1st of October can have the vaccine administered privately at Carrig Medical Centre for €150.00 per vaccine.

The vaccine is available to all children from 2 months of age, and is usually given in two doses, and a booster at 12 months, depending on the age of your child when it has first been administered

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