Health Insurance

If you are a member of VHI, Laya , or Irish Life,  cryotherapy, minor surgery and joint injections,  may be covered by these schemes. Please bring your membership number with you on the day of your visit. Surgical procedures e.g. removal of lesions, incision and drainage of abscess etc… may also be covered by the above schemes.

We also accept insurances from ESB employees and their families and Garda members.


Patients are asked to settle their account on the day of consultation. Payment methods include the following: Cash,  Laser, Mastercard, and  Visa Debit,  In the event that you are unable to pay for your visit on the day, we also accept card payments over the telephone.


Receipts are issued at the time of consultation. Please note that we no longer issue back dated receipts, make sure you keep your receipts in a safe place as you will need them when you are claiming back under the MED 1 scheme (tax scheme) or any private medical insurance you may have.

Type of service Fee
Single Consultation €75.00
Double Consultation €130.00
Triple Consultation €165.00
Multi-Issue  Consultation €90.00
Cervical Check Smear (if eligible) 25-65 years FREE
Smear Test (Private) €160
Blood Tests and Consultation with Dr €95.00
Pre Mirena Coil/ Copper Coil Consultation €75.00
Mirena Coil/ Copper Coil Insertion €160.00
Mirena Coil / Copper Coil Removal €80.00
Implanon Insertion €100
Implanon Removal €125
Implanon removal and insertion same day  €145
Cryotherapy initial visit €100.00
Housecall €110.00
Repeat Prescriptions – routine €20.00
Mental Health Consultation – 1st Visit €85.00
Pill check only (under 16 and over 45) €40.00
Nurse Consult, Bloods €45.00

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